Practice placement/opportunity

3310 Central Blvd, Hudsonville, Michigan - 49426

Opportunity type: Associate

Practice type:

  • General dentistry
  • Private practice - group
  • Pediatric dentistry

Date available from: May 17, 2022

Opportunity and position description:

Looking For Growth-Minded Dentist for West Michigan Locations. MI Smiles Dental is a rapidly growing, fun-loving, culture-first, innovative, patient-centered and homegrown West Michigan dental group that is looking for a passionate, energetic, friendly, growth-oriented and skillful general dentist. Our practice is built to allow you to do the dentistry you dream of with an experienced team of clinicians and support staff to help you do it! Your Possible Dental Home At A Glance At MI Smiles Dental we have a proven track record for fostering winning relationships with each and every one of our dentists. Our 40+ years of success is rooted in a people-centric methodology by investing heavily in the mentorship and support of our highly productive doctors. Our 7 homegrown West Michigan practices are ultra-high tech and are designed to give our dentists the necessary tools to provide their patients with the best care and experience possible. At MI Smiles Dental our goal is YOUR success, the potential for career growth is real, excellence is a way of life, and positive synergy is an everyday occurrence. A little about our diverse & fun-loving team that you could be a part of: We have readers, kayakers, golfers, skiers, video game heroes, skateboarders, ax throwers, sailboat captains, adventurers, explorers and intellectuals. We have families, single people and most importantly, we have HAPPY people! What We Value & Hope You Do Too The foundation of our practices is built on these shared values (if you fit here, you will exemplify each of these as well): We Are Ethical We Are Engaged We Are A Systems-Based Office We Are Team Players We Always Act For The Greater Good We Are Positive People We Understand And Practice Stewardship We Are Results-Oriented Each of these drives us to serve our mission which is “to give people a better quality of life, the ability to smile with confidence, and enable them to have better overall health by improving their oral health.” A Day In The Life On any given day at MI Smiles Dental you can expect to encounter the following: Arriving 15 minutes before our 7:45am huddle with your team to celebrate yesterday’s wins, address the opportunities, and prepare for today's patients. You walk in prepared and ready! Working with a driven team. Caring for new and existing patients of all ages and backgrounds. Working in an office built on shared values, team work, and loads of laughs. Treating every patient with a judgment-free attitude, meeting them where they are at, and helping them get where they want to be. A 9 am molar root canal and an E4D crown in a single visit. A guided-implant placement to replace a missing premolar. An emergency walks in and you address their pain with a surgical extraction. Extraction of 22 teeth under local anesthesia and delivery of an immediate denture after lunch. Meeting a new patient and taking several minutes to really get to know them and address their goals for treatment. Starting an Invisalign case. Spending lunch with your assistants to train them on your expectations and to hear their feedback about how you can improve your communications with patients. After work, you head to a monthly meeting of all our dentists for continuing education, fellowship, and growth. During the meeting we discuss your individual Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and how we can support you best in reaching those goals. This position might be for you if: You love the West Michigan area and the many things this beautiful part of the country has to offer like: sunny days on beautiful lake Michigan, some of the best craft beer in the nation, breezy Saturday morning visits to the many local farmers markets, the eclectic mix of food and nightlife options, and countless other activities. You love working in an office that has proven systems put in place to maximize efficiency and promotes the highest level of patient care. You thrive when working with a well oiled team. You enjoy a down to earth communication style with patients and team. You love working with patients of all different ages and backgrounds. You understand that case acceptance doesn’t necessarily happen today, but rather over time and only with a quality relationship in place first. You believe in getting better every day, and you are comfortable with sharing your specific professional goals and the support needed to reach them. You love to have fun and you have tons of energy, and you share both with your team and patients. You are competitive, both with yourself and others, as it contributes to your growth and ability to deliver your “gift” of dentistry. You are self-driven and will take initiative to improve processes to make MI Smiles Dental the “Best Team in Town.” You are confident in your capabilities and you aren’t afraid to admit it when you don’t know the right answer. You love people and seek to develop lasting relationships with your patients and your team. You value working with other experienced doctors and the mentorship and coaching they have to offer. Deal breakers... if these don’t fly, don’t apply… and please don’t lie (did you like the rhyming there?). This job isn’t for you if: You resist change and believe that the “way things have always been done” is always the best path. You are looking for a short-term job. You like to sit around and watch paint dry, or simply “punch the clock”. You don’t like committed relationships and you aren’t willing to put the patients and the practice first. Your values do not align with the values listed above. Summary To land this gig, you will need to have advanced training and experience that will complement our high patient care standards. If you do not resonate with the job description, values, and culture described, this won’t be a good fit for you. At the end of the day we want to make our patients happy, our team happy, and our doctors happy! If the shoe fits, you can expect a life-changing experience that will change your perspective on your career and your standards for success. If you are a fit for our practice, WE NEED YOU to help us continue bringing countless smiles to the West Michigan area! Ready to take the next step?: To apply for this position please click the button below and provide the requested information. If we think you’re a great fit we will reach out to you within 2-3 days to set up an interview! To learn more about our fun-loving and culture focused office feel free to visit:

Additional opportunity information

Number of operatories: 8

Number of active patients:

Patients per month:

New patients per month:

Full-time or part-time: Full time

Hours per Week:

Dental health shortage area?: No

Website: Website

Contact email:

Organization: MI Smiles Dental Group

Contact name: Tara Hamann

Daytime phone: 616-379-4009



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